About Us

My name is Levi Covarrubias. 

Wear and tear builds a stronger body, mind, and spirit in human beings. Unfortunately, this is not the case for our clothing. That which separates us from the elements is often torn, shredded, discolored, and otherwise beaten down as a cost to our growth. Here at the TopOlympus, we strive to provide clothing that will do its best to mitigate this cost. We have chosen materials and designs that we feel will be comfortable and resilient while brandishing the fierce spirits of our ancestors.

From three years old I was practicing martial arts. At the time, it was mostly imitating the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kung Fu movies, or Hong Kong Phooey. Today, I am a proud teacher and student of martial arts. I truly believe that in looking to the past, we can learn something great that we can use to move forward. As such, if you like a particular design, or a material that we use isn’t standing up to the punishment that you dish out, let us know! Even though I am a teacher, there is always something more to learn. Your support means that we can continue to improve; and with our improvement we can offer you better training gear in return.

Remember: we don’t train and fight because it’s easy; we struggle and strive because it is hard. So..................when’s your next fight?